Engineering, Architecture and Design

While some may not be aware, those in the engineering, architecture and design industry can qualify for several income tax deductions and credits unavailable to those in similar businesses. In addition, Multistate Tax Resources, LLC offers significant assistance in construction tax planning. Specifically, we can help in a multitude of areas, including, but not limited too:

  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Federal Incentives for Energy Efficiency
  • Rehabilitation Tax Credits
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction
  • Real Estate Accelerated Depreciation
  • Asset Cash Flow Analysis
  • Multistate Tax Planning
  • Business and Individual Consulting and Tax Planning
  • Consulting and Assisting in the Purchase or Sale of an Existing Business
We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and your business.